Rakhi Gift Ideas: Best Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas For Kids In 2022

Rakhi Gift Ideas

This Raksha-Bandhan, let the little siblings celebrate the special bond between them with our not only unique toys but also a unique thought. Raksha bandhan is not only meant for brothers and sisters. It equally deserves a celebration between two sisters or two brothers. Well, why is protection associated with gender?

Of all the festivals, Raksha Bandhan is a truly special one…and that’s because it celebrates the beautiful bond between siblings which is unbreakable. So, how do you make this day even more memorable for your brothers and sisters? Well, these 10 Rakhi gifting ideas should do the trick. They are the perfect gifts that you can give to your siblings and are great gifts for kids as well. Check them out here and take your pick this rakhi.

Rakhi Gift Ideas for Kids 

While Raksha Bandhan is such a personal affair and so the rakhi gift should be well curated and presented. The ideas that we share are well curated by our in-house designing team that will come beautifully wrapped in Bombay Toy Company monogram signature, super luxury matte finish along with a handwritten note for your sister or brother. So, go ahead and select from our finest collection of toys and clothing.

Rakhi Gift Ideas 

  1. Montessori Baby Box: There’s so many wonderful things in this little box – grasping beads in pure cotton thread, hand twisted rope, an egg and a cup, a peg doll with a ring and interlocking disc is a perfect gift box and will be a special part of the baby’s first two years.  

Montessori Box

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2. Candy Dwarfs: If your child or child’s brother or sister are fond of rainbow colors and enjoy storytelling or listening to stories. Then our Candy Dwarfs are perfect as they become folks, friends, gnomes, mythical creatures. This set of 18 Candy Dwarfs in 6 colors that have shades of each in a range of 3 can be anything that you want them to be. They are perfect for 1.5-7 year olds!

Candy Dwarfs

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3. If storming up a dish just like papa or mumma is what your child enjoys then Bombay Toy Company I am a chef! Set is just uber cool for them. It is the only pretend play kitchen set that has wood, fabric and jute together. It also makes a great gift as it is made of upcycled wood and is safe for the environment.


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4. If you have a child who enjoys space, well then you must buy Bombay Toy Company’s bestseller Space Explorer for it is the only wooden toy in India that is unique for its concept and use. The Space Ball holds all the planets and it also has an astronaut in a spaceship with an alien. Space Explorer is a great toy to introduce space and related stories and facts to a growing child. It makes an apt gift for children above 4.

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5. One of the most versatile gifts for any age group starting from 2 onwards is play dough! After finishing all the rakhi rituals, both or more siblings can just change into Bombay Toy Company soft pyjamas and dig their hands into Bombay Toy Company Dough Pods along with the tools. Dough it up! Tools are meant for siblings as it contains 8 tools and each is different from another to complete the sensory play.

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6. If your child is a super organizer or loves to do up their room, then Bombay Toy Company has you covered! We are the first in India to offer t-shirt yarn organizers that are made of pure tshirt yarn from Tirupur. They come in over 10 choices ranging from small to large depending on what your child needs it for.

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Homemade Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas

It is always fun to create something with your own hands. Here are some ideas that I try doing with my three children.

  1. We love to draw and make cards for each other. A large rolling paper (not the typical cards) on which we can draw something that has to be a story. We color with handmade beeswax crayons because we love their shape and chubby size. 

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2. We enjoy hand making rakhis with tshirt yarn as that is easy and super stretchable and safe to wear.

3. Last year, we bought simple white shirts and hand painted randomly, honestly it was more of blobs! But, nonetheless they made a great gift for each other.

4. Hand Making simple garlands, by just crushing newspaper and rolling them into little balls and threading them through wool. 

5. Making a tiara and a crown for each other is another thing that we thoroughly enjoy!


Like we said in the beginning and we say it again, Rakhi, Rakshabandhan is all about siblings, whether two or more sisters, two or more brothers, or just a single child. The protection is from not being judgemental, choosing to enlighten each other’s path, staying put when needed, giving space when needed for growth lies in both. I think as parents we can only create a strong foundation by placing importance on the bond and the need for siblings, gifts are just incidental!

Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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