I am a Chef! Breakfast and Vegetable Set

Rs. 1,899.00

I am a Chef! set is handmade in upcycled wood and with elements of jute mixed with cotton.  Handmade in upcycled teak wood and finished with natural lacquer with vegetable and flower colours!

The set allows children to brim with imagination. 

  • It had to be natural and minimal coloured (vegetable dye lacquer) for a child to truly imagine what each piece could be. For example, the wooden bottle can be a milk bottle at one playtime, and then it could be a juice bottle! What is an onion now could be a turnip next basis their recipe.
  • Exposure to wood with a cloth and. It allows a child to feel, think, the question that how wood can be used along with fabric, jute, and cotton.

It develops

  • Fine motor skills- holding a knife, pounding in a mortar with a pestle.
  • Language- learning new fruits, vegetable names, dishes Imagination- changing the name of the item as per the recipe.
  • Emotional Intelligence- the act of cooking and serving and you as a parent appreciating them while you taste what they have cooked for you.

Photo courtesy @vandita.momandmore 

Contains 17 pieces.

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