I am a Chef! Breakfast and Vegetable Set

Rs. 1,899.00

I am a Chef! set is handmade in upcycled wood and with elements of jute mixed with cotton. 

The set allows children to brim with imagination. 

  • It had to be natural and minimal coloured (vegetable dye lacquer) for a child to truly imagine what each piece could be. For example, the wooden bottle can be a milk bottle at one playtime, and then it could be a juice bottle! What is an onion now could be a turnip next basis their recipe.
  • Exposure to wood with a cloth and. It allows a child to feel, think, the question that how wood can be used along with fabric, jute, and cotton.

It develops

  • Fine motor skills- holding a knife, pounding in a mortar with a pestle.
  • Language- learning new fruits, vegetable names, dishes Imagination- changing the name of the item as per the recipe.
  • Emotional Intelligence- the act of cooking and serving and you as a parent appreciating them while you taste what they have cooked for you.

Photo courtesy @vandita.momandmore 

Contains 17 pieces.

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