10 Best Travel Toys For Your Kid On A Road Trip

10 Best Travel Toys For Your Kid On A Road Trip

Traveling with kids? It is fun and overwhelming at the very same time! I am a mother of 3 under 6 and have traveled over 30 cities in India and over 6 countries with them till now. 

And I am sane! So, definitely this list is worth your time whether you hop onto a train, have a long car trip planned or flights that may have multiple stopovers.

Best travel for toddlers is an apt list for children who would be anything from 1.5 years to 4. As they are developing rapidly and also need to be kept busy with mindful activities during various pockets of time.

What Are Travel Toys For Kids?

What to Look For When Buying Children's Travel Toys?

Travel toys for kids should have these features. Not limited to what is listed below but definitely some key features to look into before you buy or pack.

1. Lightweight and portable

Well, simply because you do not want a frozen shoulder or a cranky toddler who refuses to carry their own bag because of weight.

2. Can be used or played with in multiple ways

A good travel toy ideally should be versatile enough to engage with your child in multiple ways . Can be used for open ended questions, can narrate a story with the elements, can be played alone or with siblings.

3. Erasable and reusable

One toy that can be used and reused in so many ways. A coloring sheet that can be completely wiped off and coloured again. A book filled with stickers, where a child can pick and choose to make characters and reuse them again to create something new.

4. Takes the least amount of space in your diaper bag or your toddler’s bag

A diaper bag is already overflowing with basic necessities and then a toy in it? Well, yes if you want those peaceful diaper changes, napping time and a quiet coffee time. Pick a toy that takes least amount of space and keeps you and your LO sane.

5. Last but the most obvious, take what your child LOVES

This for me means, do not buy a new toy and take that for travel since your child would not have had time to warm up to it. Children can either instantly like or dislike a toy. Carry THE toy that they have comfort with and love to play with. Yes, of course I do not mean carrying a lego set but definitely carrying the one that they are familiar with.

Best Toys For Kids While Traveling

Well, this can be subjective given parents preference. But, having 2 girls and a boy, all under the age of six, I am sure of one thing that toys are only as important as you interacting and playing with them during that journey  or travel. So, while we recommend toys, we definitely do not put them before you. 

We highly recommend that if you are on a road trip ensure your child is in a child seat for all safety reasons. A toy should be selected with keeping in mind that if you are on a road journey, your baby will not always be under adult supervision (given that you may take a nap or just cannot keep looking at the back) , so choking hazards are carefully read and followed.

Best road trip toys for 1 year old

A one year old is exploring their hands, mouth and anything that they can lay their hands on. This is the age for fairly simple but sensorial toys. You can explore a toy that allows them to pull and push, ring, stack or grasp.

Our Montessori set is ideal for this age. As the child is sitting firmly in the seat, floor or plane. They can grasp the beads and mouth, stack the egg in the cup, and ring the peg doll. The Montessori set is developmentally appropriate, challenging and interesting to bring it up in four parts to play with and then as a whole set for the child to explore, combine and play.

Montessori Box


Babies that are becoming toddlers also enjoy stacking. It can be in the form of coloured blocks, natural blocks or even a stacker that allows them to stack in different shapes. As stacking is the first step to vertical form of play.

They explore and learn balancing with their tiny little fingers, try to struggle and play along.

Rainbow Blocks

Rainbow Blocks

Early Stacker

Early Stacker

Shaker Stacker

Shaker Stacker

Best Road Trip Toys For 2 Years Olds

Two year olds are curious but still more contained and listen to instructions as they are exploring their surroundings. They are often interested in coloring and the best coloring option are crayons. 

We strongly recommend crayons as they are easy to carry, store and last good 20-30 days. Also we recommend the crayons should be chunky as children this young still do not have the best grip. Chunky ones are easy to grip and makes the LO happy to have complete control. Shapes are a bonus!

Homemade Beeswax Crayons

Homemade Beeswax Crayons

We also recommend lacing toys. This is the perfect age to introduce lacing toys. We suggest buying lacing toys that are large in size, easier to lace (a frustrated child of this age will just throw the toy away) and serves more purpose than just a lacing toy. Bombay Toy Company Veg lacing toy is designed keeping all the above in mind. 

They are chunky, fill a two year old’s palm, easy to lace as it has reasonably big holes and they are in the shape of vegetables and fruits that a child can relate to. Each veg/fruit are two which also helps introduce basic numbers.

Lace Me

Lace Me

Buy Now

Best Road Trip Toys For 3 Years Olds

An age, where the questions barrage has opened! Anything and everything is questioned with the innocence that gives us parents a new perspective. What an amazing age! This is the time when toys that can create a challenging environment with the familiarity of winning can be brought in.

Also this is the age where toys can be mixed of being open ended and closed ended nature as they find amazing ways of combining them. 

We recommend a clear winner here and that is play dough, play dough tools and stamps. 3 year olds love to create and recreate. It allows children to form and narrate stories and weave magic.

Bombay Toy Company play dough tools are a complete set for siblings. Whether you buy our set for one child or more, it can easily be played by 2-3 children at the same time. It is super versatile with 4 rolling pins, 2 hammers and 2 tools. It allows the child to develop their fine motor skills while at fun! 

Dough it Up | Play Dough Tools

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Bombay Toy Company Dough Pods are soft, pliable and come in multiple themes with loose parts and other elements. It is a complete setting for their favorite theme. For example one of the best sellers in dough pods themes are our Vehicle and Magical sets.

Endless hours of play, the dough remains super soft and pliable for 6 months and is all ready for play whenever pulled out.

Dough Kit Themes

Dough Kit Themes


Toys are a critical part to any travel story. It allows everybody in the travel time to have their space and me time. A child’s play is their meditation time and draws them in and tires them. For a parent that is much needed time to nap, spend time with their partner or just rest. Pick a toy that is easy, loved and used by the child.


1. What to give when traveling with kids?

Always carry their fav food, niblings, water. Carry their favorite toys and their comforting blankie. With my 3 kids that has been their to go thing when not in the best of moods.

2. How do you entertain children while traveling?

Read to them, narrate a fictional story, ask them questions about their surroundings, sing or just hum!

3. How do I keep my child entertained on a plane?

We have shared a few resources on toys but also some screen time is not bad at all! After all we need that few moments of silence. Always ask for food in between the meal times. Keep their fav food handy. Food is a toddler’s best friend. Get them to color. Its meditative. Carry plain papers.

How do I entertain my kid on a road trip?

Ask them or tell about the surroundings, read a book, narrate a story. Play with them along with the toys, get them to color, carry a bundle of white papers.

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