“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Albert Einstein

BombayToyCompany™ was formed with a simple mission – to provide toys that foster imagination. Our open-ended toys are meant to spark your child's creativity. A set of blocks can be a fort or a swimming pool – your child decides!

Our toys encourage independent play and cater to different styles and stages of play. BombayToyCompany™ toys open-ended nature allows them to be used in myriad ways by children across age groups.

Our toys are consciously designed and made simple, presenting the child an opportunity to self-direct her play. Our products are thoughtfully chosen, made by our local Indian artisans, and use sustainable materials like wood, cotton, wool, and natural dyes that ensure safety for children and the environment.

The founding team has professionals with advanced engineering and business degrees from IIT, IIM and University of Missouri, USA who, between themselves, have spent decades in the business world. They are parents to young kids, and as loving parents want the best for them. Most toys that you see listed on BombayToyCompany™ website have been used by our children.

BombayToyCompany™ is a woman-run business, and we donate 1% of our net profit to children with special needs.