Our Family and Values

We are a couple deeply rooted in Waldorf education principles, raising our vibrant 4-year-old daughter in a world of imagination, creativity, and natural learning. Our journey into the toy business began not just as entrepreneurs, but as parents committed to providing the best for our child and others like her.

The Beginning: A New Chapter

In 2024, we had the unique opportunity to acquire a beloved wooden toy business from fellow Waldorf parents. They had built the business on the same principles we hold dear: nurturing children's creativity with toys crafted from natural, sustainable materials.

Our Vision and Commitment

Taking over this business was more than a transaction for us; it was a continuation of a mission to bring high-quality, open ended toys to families. We are dedicated to preserving the essence of the brand while infusing it with our own experiences and values as Waldorf parents.

Creating with Care

Every toy we offer is thoughtfully designed and carefully crafted, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and safety. Our daughter is our muse, and we test each toy with her in mind, ensuring it sparks imagination and joy.

Growing Together

As we continue to grow the business, we remain connected to the Waldorf community, drawing inspiration from its philosophies. We believe in the power of play to foster development and creativity, and we strive to create toys that support this belief.

Looking Ahead

Our journey as toy business owners and Waldorf parents is one of passion and purpose. We are excited to expand our offerings and reach more families who value quality, sustainability, and the magic of imaginative play. Thank you for being part of our story and for supporting a small business driven by love and dedication.