Our Philosophy And Value System

 Design Philosophy

Our aim is to design toys that are minimal and purposeful. Our toys would be nothing without the child's intervention. A child's head, heart and hands at work is play for us. Learning through hands reaches the heart before it touches the head. We design our toys keeping this as a fundamental principle.

Wood after wood, design after design, colors after colors every piece from BombayToyCompany™ is curated with a thorough understanding of play.

Having done play sessions with children, we observed, we actively listened, modified and re-created our toys, empowering many artisans on the way, especially women. We consciously wanted to work with women artisans and we made sure we are!

So no matter which toy you choose be rest assured that your child is in the process of learning through the power of play.

Value System

From day one BombayToyCompany™ echoes sustainability whether it is our toys that are made of imported and local sustainable wood, 100% cotton thread or our packaging.

All our products are free from labels/ tags with full disclosure on the website and thank you note. We use zero plastic in our packaging and we take pride in keeping the box minimalistic and free from any fancy laminations so that once discarded the box can decompose naturally. We now use paper tape for all packages apart from heavy duty or during monsoon.

Unlike many other brands, we do not use any plastic mailers to ship the product. We use organic cardboard boxes to protect the order along with protecting our mother nature. We only use plastic mailer during monsoon which also we shall replace with a sustainable option by 2022.

These small yet healthy steps have made our journey more enriching while keeping our ecological footprint to the minimum.