Hema the Hobby Horse

Rs. 3,499.00

 A reinvention of the classic toy we all have grown up with, a stick that became a horse and gave that imaginary freedom to be a real-life hero whose story we heard as folklore. 

Free play helps a child understand the power of language. When a child engages in pretend or dramatic play, she is actively experimenting with social and emotional roles of life. 

Hema's face and mane are made of child-friendly felt and hand-stitched with wool. Each stitch has been tugged with precision for the child to ride the horse and use it carefree.

The bamboo stick has been hand-sanded and finished with food-grade wood finish coconut oil to keep it smooth. 

The head of the horse and the bamboo stick are snuggly tugged together without any metal. We wanted it to be absolutely safe for the little rider! 

Hobby Horse is hand-stitched and hand-made by a local woman artisan in Gujarat. It is 42 inches tall and the horse head is 15 inches long (head to mouth). 

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