Comfort Doll | Refiilable

Rs. 349.00

Hand-stitched comfort dolls for kids are filled with the goodness of Ajwain. These dolls are a great pick for kids to improve sensory development. Order the product now.

 Heat the comfort doll in the microwave for 10 seconds and place it next to your baby's head for the baby to inhale the aroma of Ajwain seeds.

Alternatively, you can compress it on your baby's chest with the same(please ensure you place it on the top of your hand to check the temperature), it should be warm, not hot. (as warm as the water that you give them a bath with).

You can also keep a warm iron on the Comfort Doll for 5 seconds to warm it and to be used in the same way as mentioned above.

You will receive:

A comfort doll with one ajwain filled pouch

To be stored in an airtight container to maintain hygiene and effectiveness of Ajwain        (carom seeds).

Please remove the ajwain (carom seeds) pouch and then hand wash with mild baby wash liquid. You would want to just spot clean if dirty or stained. DO NOT MACHINE WASH

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