Wooden Space and Planets Toy

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Product description

The Space Explorer Ball allows a very young child to free play- where she senses the texture, observes different colors, listens to names of the planets from her primary caregiver, and growing to create her own narratives (speech and language development) as she plays. Watch her tell you stories about the spaceship or meeting an alien.

Space Explorer Ball has 8 planets, Sun, Moon, an astronaut in a spacecraft, and a friendly alien

 Option 1: Space Explorer

1. A deck of 13 high-quality space related information cards

2. 1 sheet of space/planets stickers

3. 1 sheet of holographic stickers

Option 2: Space Explorer with Mat

1. A deck of 13 high-quality space related information cards

2. 1 sheet of space/planets stickers

3. 1 sheet of holographic stickers

4. A space explorer mat that is washable, wipeable and can be used as dining and dough mat.



The spacecraft is 1.5 inches, astronaut and alien are 3 cms approx. The planets are divided into 3, 2.5, and 2 cms diameters.

Please note because these are purely handmade, features are hand painted. You are likely to see them hand painted unevenly which may result in you thinking the finishing is not as smooth as the planets or the galaxy ball.

CHOKING HAZARD: This toy contains small parts and can cause choking hazards. To be played under adult supervision. Please pack it and keep it out of reach from children 3 and below.

Never Lose Sight Of It

Your Child's Childhood Is Priceless

Parenting is difficult from the word go. But what makes it worthwhile and memorable are those innocent and most important 0-7 years. This is the time children go through immense change and grow at a rapid pace. It is the time when only their 'being' needs to be nourished through play.

This is why we chose this crucial development phase and make toys that are not only age appropiate but also super versatile to be played with in multiple ways during their growth period.

We help you make memories and keep their childhood alive as long as you can.


They are the backbone of Bombay Toy Company. We exist because they choose to create.
Our toys are handmade, and hand painted by rural artisans across India. We find immense pride that our toys are made by Indian artisans in the heartland of this country.

Women Empowerement

Our workforce is 95% women at both office and artisan level. Our strong belief is that a woman just needs an opportunity. We consciously hire women who either dropped out of college and need to fund their education or women who took sabbatical to manage their initial motherhood.
Our women are the reason we believe we can grow and make a brand.

Product Quality

You can be assured of the sustainable wood, safe paints and design of our toys. We strongly believe in ensuring quality checks of the highest standards. We are en eco concious company with 100% plastic free packaging.