Science and Nature | Wooden Lifecycle Board

Rs. 799.00

A life cycle board is a great visual aid when explaining and showing the different stages and life cycles of our nature subject.

Most children have never seen the life cycle of insects and animals and are amazed to learn how they grow and develop. We have created this dual-sided board with a four-stage cycle on one side and a five cycle on the other.

This beautiful wooden tray makes a great addition to your child's playroom or sensory play set up. It eliminates the theoretical boredom of the subject and acts as a great tool to make the learning interactive session.

With this wooden Life cycle tray, you could make kids learning science and biology in a much more effective and interesting way.

This high-quality wooden lifecycle tray is the perfect learning resource to teach your child about the 5-stage lifecycle of an insect, animal or plant.

Helps your child easily visualize and comprehend the concept of lifecycle processes. 

You receive 

  • 1 wooden circle board 

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