Planks and Sticks Bundle

Rs. 1,499.00

Make your child's playtime fun and challenging

You will see children using symmetry, patterns, balance, and designs to create buildings (Engineering, Math, and Science). There is an element of dramatic play to their block building. The play can include naming the structure and its function (and letting those who interfere or who try to redesign know they are wrong!). It's tempting to correct your child. But do not forget this is their imagination; they are the architects.

These flat blocks and sticks are thoughtfully designed and crafted in European Beech and Birchwood and finished with food-grade linseed oil making them completely soft and smooth for little hands, as well as totally mouth safe. Beech and Birchwood ensure that the blocks are stable, smooth, and strong. 

The pack includes 10x20 cm Flat Large Block(Planks) and 4cm tall Block Stick. 

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