Mini | Rainbow Soldiers Set B

Rs. 999.00 Rs. 1,099.00

Palace protectors, folks, friends, mystical creatures. This set of 18 Rainbow Soldiers in 6 colors that have shades of each in a range of 3 can be anything that you want them to be.

Rainbow Soldiers are 3-3.2 inches tall.

Open-ended toys like these give your children the chance to make them what they would like them to be. A play without instructions!

Handmade and Hand painted by artisans. Made in local and sustainable wood. Each piece is unique, each one is painted by hand. And natural imperfections are recognized as being part of the natural wood: it is beautiful and makes the material even more valuable.

They are mesmerizing and perfect for toddlers to carry them everywhere they go!

You will receive:

9 Rainbow Soldiers that you see in the photo

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