Loose Parts | Trees | Monsoon, Winter, Autumn and Spring

Rs. 4,799.00

Handmade and Hand painted by Indian artisans.

Each piece has been painstakingly hand shaped in sustainable and local wood, buffed and hand painted. 

These small wooden mandala pieces are great for developing mathematical thinking, especially counting and times tables. 

  • Sorting, counting and pattern-making
  • Supports maths and times tables
  • Children also love to explore patterns and make circular mandala-style pictures with the shapes.
  • They can also be used in small worlds and imaginative play.

    You can choose a set of

    18*4 that is 72 pieces (Monsoon, Winter, Autumn and Spring)


    36* 4 that is 144 pieces  (Monsoon, Winter, Autumn and Spring)

    Size- approx. 1.5-1.8 inches and 1 inch in diameter

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