Jeweled Wooden Triangles

Rs. 1,999.00
Can play ever be complete without a castle or a fairy play?
Can a castle be completed without some jewels?

A hexagonal puzzle in 6 beautiful rainbow colors, each one of the 54 triangular wooden blocks features carry in an inset "jewel" on one side to bring extra magic to your child's fairy or castle.

These triangles with the wonderfully sparkling stones are a visual highlight in every play corner. Perfect for loose parts play, offer unending creative opportunities. The beautiful color combinations turn this product into a special visual delight. Thanks to these triangles, every castle in the playroom can glitter!

The set is excellent for sorting, stacking, counting and can be used to create beautiful mandala designs which encourage the development of fine motor skills as well as enhance the understanding of basic mathematical concepts such as symmetry.

When used in combination with other materials such as blocks, dolls, animals, fabric or play dough, are great for role play and small world play, allowing children the freedom to become immersed in an imaginative wonderland where possibilities are truly limitless.

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