Deep forest | Forest Tree Collection

Rs. 3,499.00

Hand-painted, forest trees are simple with a minimal outline that helps the child connect with different colors and shades of green or natural colors where the child can explore their imagination on colors the trees could have.

Each tree is designed keeping in mind the different shapes, sizes, and seasons that we witness around us at home and while traveling.

The height of the trees ranges from 3.5-7 inches.

These sustainably made trees are a beautiful addition to your little one's collection.

Each tree is a single piece of wood that has been hand-made and hand-sanded by local artisans in Banaras and colored with child-friendly, non-toxic paint making them safe for little hands. The barks of trees have been kept natural for sensorial exposure. 

 You shall receive 14 trees in different shades, shapes, and sizes

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