Dough Pods | 200 grams

Rs. 1,449.00 Rs. 1,599.00

Since our dough is made in small batches, we will begin our next dispatch on the 8th July.

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Reconnecting children through play

Our dough pods are skin-safe.

Our luxury homemade dough with natural ingredients is soft, pliable, and comes with  BTC Signature Fragrance 

Our  BTC Signature Fragrance is subtle, refreshing, and calming. Just enough to enjoy the fragrance and just enough for playing for long hours. 

Each Dough Pod jar is 200 grams

TO REFRESH - Salt crystals may appear on the surface when not in use, and even when you receive them. This is completely natural and only requires kneading for the crystals to disappear. When the dough feels a bit dry, sprinkle a few drops of oil and knead it, squish it, and it's ready to play with!

Play should be supervised by an adult

Dough pods are a standalone product. It comes with a KUGGIS box or a DOT Box ONLY if you order the box.

Please note: In the images, it is the 100-gram dough pod jars.

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