Circular Domino

Rs. 1,000.00

Traditional Domino with a circular twist

Winning takes luck, skill and quick reasoning Embrace the curve with these circular dominoes. Featuring a delightful professions theme, children will enjoy matching either the community helpers, or the tools used by them, or both alternatively!

There are two games to play. One is like normal dominoes and the other is to complete the circle, and use up all your pieces. With images of community helpers and tools, these challenging games can be adapted to suit different abilities.
Each player starts with 7 tiles. Players must play a tile that matches the image to the previously played tile. If players can't make a match they miss a turn and have to pick up a new tile.

The perfect game for 2-4 players, or matching the circle can even be played on your own.

28 wedge shaped tiles , A REFRENCE CARD and a bag

Age: 3-8 years

DISCLAIMER : As such, this toy must not be chewed, ripped, or put under repeated stress. For your child's safety, we recommend play under adult supervision only.

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