Boo Boo the Pillow Bear

Rs. 999.00

Boo Boo is shaped like a pillow and is designed to cuddle. He is designed to be flat and become softer with each use. We could not resist putting dollies on his front and back! 

Boo Boo is handmade with 100% cotton thread which means it is absolutely safe for newborns and above. We embroider the eyes to keep them natural and safe for newborns and babies who are learning to mouth.

Toddlers who play with crochet or fabric figures (human or animal) helps in dramatic play, the kind of play that happens when children play with figures, helps develop a child's imagination as they encounter creative, imagined scenarios with them. Playing with figures fosters a sense of caring in young children which builds emotional intelligence for tomorrow.

Boo Boo the Pillow Bear is designed by us and handmade by local women in rural parts of Punjab. Boo Boo is approx 5 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

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