Activity Cube- Nautical

Rs. 1,100.00

This touch and feel elements provides a fun and engaging way for kids to understand the world around them while developing fine finger skills and hand strength. 

This lightweight cube shaped toy is a perfect silent toy for car rides, waiting rooms, restaurants, classrooms, home play.

This toy will be favorite during playtime. It helps the child develop and strengthen fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem solving.

Babies and toddlers delight in taking out the dinosaur in and out of the pocket.
There are surfaces to feel, crinkle noises to hear, move beads along in a maze,and a moon with stars around!


Keep it natural You want to use a gentle cleanser on fabric toys.
A mild, environmentally friendly dish soap, and some cold water, will work well.
You don’t want to use bleach or harsh chemicals as it can fade-out the colors.
No soaking You never want to soak the toys, a gentle spot cleaning is all that is needed.


Age: 0-1 year

DISCLAIMER : As such, this toy must not be chewed, ripped, or put under repeated stress. For your child's safety, we recommend play under adult supervision only.

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