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Playtime is learning time!

Introducing your younger child to Anantpatal that will help them learn to recognize, count numbers and do further math calculations, find patterns and practice languages.

It’s an amazing hands-on learning tool and fun too!

Our wooden 100 frames will help children develop an early understanding of counting, addition, and subtraction in a highly visual and tactile way. 100 frame features one hundred holes with a counters pocket, ready for your child to fill up while counting, creating patterns, practicing mathematical equations, discovering cardinal directions, and more.

There is a myriad of ways to use the Anantpatal, although some of the ways we like to use it is through stories. We may construct words with alphabet counters, build sentences, play scrabble, or create designs, the toy comes with endless possibilities as the name suggest.

 You shall receive:

1 Hundred Board

100 Rainbow tiles with Alphabets on one side and numbers on reverse

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