'A Skulk of Foxes' - Kurta Pyjama Set

Rs. 995.00

Let your free-spirited little cub have a good night, 
Sleep in our gender-neutral kurta pyjama warm and tight, 
They allow absolute comfort and happy dreams, 
When they wake up in the morning they will beam and gleam.

Wazir the fox, wanders deep in the forest wild, 
He is the forest’s special child, 
He can see in dim light, 
And at night his eyes pop out bright, 
Whiskers, fur and a bushy tail he has, 
He loves prancing and all that jazz, 
He is swift and agile on his feet, 
With a little howl he reminds us to never cheat.

• 100 % Cotton
• Gender-neutral
• Long sleeved kurta
• Elasticated pyjamas
• Coconut shell buttons



Block-printed and hand screen printed textiles may have slight irregularities in colours and prints. Irregularities in colour and print are the hallmark of all hand block-printed products and make each exquisite piece one of its kind.

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