Woody Rattle

Rs. 499.00

Undoubtedly, a rattle comes in the first few toys of a newborn or a baby. Our Woody rattle is definitely here to steal your heart. The rings make a natural soothing sound and it's easy rightly sized for a baby to form a tight grip.

 Our Woody rattle is made of upcycled teak wood and finished with naturally dyed lacquer. Naturally, lacquer toys are amongst the safest. 

The yellow in the rattle comes from Marigold. The brown in the rattle is from Myrobalan and the red is from Manjistha. 

 What else could be more natural than Mother Earth.

  • Rattles provide a source of stimulation.
  • The child follows the sound they produce and follow the path with their eyes, as well as giving them a sense of discovery as they try to grab and hold the rattle.
  • Perfectly sized for little hands, the softest and safest companion they would find.

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